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When You Suddenly Get a Text From Your Spouse Asking You to Send His/Her ATM PIN, Do These First

The crime rate in Nigeria these days has become a constant source of growing concern especially in this COVID-19' Era in which everyone seems to be suffering as a result of the economic problems that we, as a nation, are facing. In lieu of this, it is important to be sharp and at alert due to the presence of wolves in sheep's clothing around us.

I recently came across a Crime Prevention Unit Report. In the report, the story of how a married Lady's Bank Account was cleared out was shared. It happened that as she ventured out of her house that day, she was robbed of her handbag which contained valuables including her ATM card and phone. Thirty minutes later after the incident, she was finally able to reach her husband through her friend's phone. She told him what had happened to her. As the story had it, her husband said to her, "I just received your text message asking me to remind you of your ATM pin and I have replied a little while ago".

This threw them both into panic and they made a dash to the bank immediately. On getting there, they were informed by a Bank Account Officer that money had already been withdrawn from the account. It was clear to everyone that the thief had used the stolen phone to text her husband, posing as her to get her PIN, with which he immediately went to the ATM machine to make withdrawals.

The story is a truly unfortunate one which a few lessons could be learnt from. Therefore, whenever you suddenly receive a text message from your husband, wife or even a relative asking you to send them sensitive information like an ATM PIN, a BVN number etc, which they shared with you in the past, claiming that they suddenly could remember, you shouldn't be too hasty to text back. In order to avoid future bitter regrets, there are two things you should do first before sending a reply. They are:

1. Before you reply, wait and pay close attention to the word structure of the text, compare it to past text messages you've received in the past from your spouse. You should be very familiar with this, anyway.

2. Place a call to confirm if your spouse is really the one requesting the information. Be on the lookout also for signs of danger indicating that the text message request was made under duress.

In addition, whenever a friend or relative supposedly asks you to meet them at a strategic point, call them to confirm whether they're really the senders. This world we live in a truly wicked one, we really do need to be more careful.

Be a dear and share this information to everyone you care about. They all need to know this because many people have fallen victim, some have also lost even their own lives as a result. Don't forget to hit the like and follow button. If you've also experienced something like what happened to the lady in the story, please feel free to share your story in the comments section in order to educate others. May God keep us all safe, Amen.

Thanks for reading!

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