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Parents beware: Reasons why youths and teenagers commit suicide in Nigeria today and how to stop it.

Suicide is gradually becoming a trend in our communities and this illness is slowly impacting our society and our country Nigeria at a substantial amount, and this can be seen mostly in youths and teenagers today.

It is slowly becoming an era that is about to destroy the future of many bright minds and intellects. In the past suicide was mostly committed by adults and grown people for mysterious and unidentified reasons and sometimes for reasons known to the public but presently children don't know the value of life anymore and do what deems them fit with their priceless lives.

This dilemma has been a great source of pain to the family of the deceased and country at large. People are left asking themselves why a person would choose to take his/her life. Well, the answers are here (below):


This is the major reason youths engage in suicide. Depression is simply defined as sorrow, grief, or sadness. It is normal for one to be depressed due to some circumstances, but an excessive amount of depression can make the brain think the unimaginable and will stop at nothing to end the depression hereby resulting to suicide as their best option.

What causes depression?

Here are some of the causes of depression in youths.

* Social Media:

For example; when your friends post pictures and earn massive like and comment or have broad followers on their social media handle and you post yours and it didn't do well it can cause depression.

* Loss of job or poverty:

when someone loses his/her job or can't afford to feed and maintain the family or his/her self. The person might think that it's the end of the road and will try to end his/her life.

* peer influence:

when one can't wear good clothes or dress well like his mates or when he/she is told that they can never be as good as them or can't reach a certain level they feel pain and sorrow sometimes and try to do the worst.

* trauma:

this occurs mostly after a rape, loss of loved one or family member, assault, or any abuse. It leaves the victim damaged both physically, mentally, and emotionally and can cause a very predictable case of depression and can lead to the worst.

Other reasons include;

Other reasons that can make one commit suicide apart from depression.

* Drug abuse:

what many don't understand is that drugs can't be a major reason to commit suicide but rather it makes on more confident and stronger to commit the act when depressed.

* trying to win a game or competition:

people often end their lives by taking extreme measures in other to win a contest which might not even worth it.

* pain or injury:

People involved in fatal accidents and sustain bad injuries feel a lot of pain that is often unbearable or injuries that even when healed will change their life forever. So they tend to do it so as to end the pain.

* Alternate dimensions:

This aspect sometimes cant be good for your hearing and it has a deep meaning. People sometimes start thinking about their existence and questions if there's is another copy of his/herself in another dimension not known to man and starts developing the idea that he/she is insignificant in the universe. This can lead to suicide.

There are many other causes which can be a fetish or religious and many other reasons but it's better to not say in order to avoid violations of some religions or rules.


* Take note of the films your children watch.

* Know what your children do on social media.

* Try to encourage your children in every step they advance in life.

* Tell your children the best things you can achieve in life.

* Make good memories with your children to remind them of the joy of being alive.

* Try to understand your children's way of life.

NB: images are for illustration and are not real-life events.

All hands should come together and try to bring order to our present society and make Nigeria greater than ever. What's your opinion on the matter?

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