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See what a lady did to housemaid for going out to play

See what a lady did to an under aged housemaid for going out to play, when she was not at home.

Sometimes, I wonder why humans are treating fellow humans as animals, even animals are to a large extent have pity and care for their kind, the kindness, love and care that is lacking in the human society.

The level of man(humans) inhuman man(humans) is alarming, spiking and scary, how on earth do you beat and maltreat an a maid to the point of she almost losing her sight?

What could have been her offense to warrant such inhuman and a demoralizing treatment from someone who is supposed to be her boss, not her slave master to her slave, unless that is what this lady took this innocent young girl to be..a slave!

The first crime here is that the little girl in question is too young to be a maid, secondly, this is a clear case of domestic violence. The lady in question had gone out, and upon her return met the under aged maid outside their house playing.

This got her angry as she unleashed terror on the innocent girl, leaving her with numerous bruises and an almost blind eyes.

The incident was reported by Harrison, @Harrisonmbamara on twitter and has generated so many reactions from well meaning Nigerians, including human rights activist @segalinks

See the tweets below;

What do you think should be done to this lady for her wicked act?

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