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Flogging should be banned in Nigeria (Opinion)

A video of a man beating his 18 year old daughter recently went viral on twitter. The video drew mixed reactions from viewers. Some were in support of the beating while others were strongly against it.

The video inevitably brought up the debate about the necessity of corporal punishment. Corporal punishment has been used by Nigerians for ages and there has never been a solid law against it; I believe it's time to change that.

People who beat their children do so with the intention of correcting bad behaviour. The problem with this method however, is that it's inconsistent. There are hardly any positive results gotten from flogging a child.

People may claim that flogging a child aids to discipline them, but this isn't the case. When you beat your child, you instill fear, not discipline. They don't follow the rules because they're now disciplined, they follow the rules because they live in fear of you. And this may affect them mentally and affect your relationship with them.

Flogging doesn't not come with understanding. When you beat a child, they'll be scared repeat the same action, but they'll never know why you consider it wrong. This promotes ignorance and cultivates fear in them. With time, they may stop being inquisitive and become more fearful of the unknown.

Also, a lot of people use flogging as an outlet for anger and they take things over the edge and injure their children. Dangers like this outweigh any advantage there is to flogging.

Most Nigerian parents beat their children because they were beaten when they were smaller, they don't know any better. And if not educated, their children will do the same thing.

The legality of flogging in Nigeria hasn't produced a better country. On the contrary, we are a nation filled with overly aggressive and corrupt people. Flogging should be banned. It's time we took a saner approach to disciplining children.

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