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This black man spent 28years in prison because he raped a lady in her dream.

Clarence Moses - EL was declared guilty in 1988 and he was sentenced to 48years in prison for rape and assault. A Denver woman had a drink out with three men at night concluded after a dream that moses-EL was behind the rape and assault attack that she had that night.

While in the hospital with broken face and body, Moses was being brought for her to identify him and she did and he was arrested but the evidence showed that there was no physical evidence linking Moses-EL to the crime scene except from the dream she had which was the only evidence offered against him. Later on the Denver police destroyed the only evidence which could've set him free.

In 2012 he received a letter from another prisoner by name L.C Jackson who was among the three men that raped the woman (he is serving a two life sentence for raping a mother and a daughter) he said " I really don't know what to say to you. But let's start by bringing what was done in the dark into the light. I have a lot on my heart. I don't know who is working on this but have them come up and see me. Its time. I'll be waiting. Jackson testified that he became angry during s3x with the woman and hit her face."

In 2016, a jury acquitted Moses -EL of all crimes in the case after he had spent 28years behind bars. He was 60years when he was set free from prison, he was happy that he is going to spend his remaining life with his grandchildren. He said " we have to learn from this tragic mistake and action, finally got the justice he deserved."

Moses-EL was set to be awarded about $2 million in compensation from the state.

"this is a lesson for the kano state that had adopted castration for rapist as a punishment what if the person is innocent as moses was."

people need to be saying the truth because it can cause an innocent life.

thank you.

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