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Kano State Seeks Castration as Punishment for rapists in the State

Kano Seeks Castration as Punishment for rapist in the State

THE Kano State House of Assembly has started a procedure to audit the State's penal Code amendment (No.12), law of 2014, to change to Castration as punishment for rapists in the state

The House made the choice after a movement introduced on Wednesday by a member representing Rano State Voting demographic, Nuraddeen Alhassan, seeking for the audit of the law. 

Everything was directed by the Speaker, Alhaji Abdulazeez Gafasa, and the rest of the officials were consistent in the decision. 

Alhassan, who requested for the review of the law to additionally place a harsher discipline for rapists in the state, said the current 14-year imprisonment was not a touch one.

"I am calling on the House to review the law and change it, to give Castration as a the final punishment to rapists. I accept this is the main measure to be taken to end the wild instances of rape in our general public, as it is so rampant. 

"The security sector should also be looked into, so as to strengthen them and to help them handling such cases in the state," he said. 

The speaker also said that the cases of rape can be lessened if parents stop sending their children to sell on the street. 

Meanwhile, gender activists under the auspices of the Movement Against Rape and Sexual Violence visited the House of Representatives on Wednesday to seek action against rape and other sexual crimes. 

The first lady of the state, Hajiya Aisha el-Rufai, headed the team that visited the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, at his office. 

Gbajabiamila said rape has become a great problem in Nigeria. He expressed that both the leaders and the citizens of Nigeria must ascent against rape. 

He stated, "This is a battle not only for ladies; this is a battle for all. Let a subconscious message be sent that despite the fact that more than 95 percent of the victims are ladies; let it be that it is we, the men, that are supporting your motivation. 

"The issue of rape ought to be dealt with the way coronavirus is dealt with. How would we treat a pandemic? There must be a frontal surge. The media has a task to carry out. It ought to be in the Frontline. There is a great deal of work to be done from various points. In a pandemic, you search for fix. No normal man would have intercourse with a three-month old child. The thought alone is very ungodly." 

Earlier, Hajiya El-Rufai drew the Speaker to notice the rising issues of rape in the nation, saying it is getting out of hand and a touch move should be taken. 

Hajiya El-Rufai said she was at the House to look for help, ask questions, seek for justice and challenge the status quo. She also said that statistics had shown that 717 rape cases reported and 7,170 unreported ones happened in Nigeria just within five months.

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