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If You Value Your Life As a Lady, Please Don't Marry Any Man Who Have This Habit

You're can never deal with a cheating man, no, you can't!

A lot of ladies have asked me this serious questions and make me worry if they really know what they want in relationship.

1.He has various conversations with other ladies on his cell, but I still love him." No, you 're still dumb.

2.He constantly talks to his EX but doesn't care about me. "No! You do not even care about your own mental health talking less about your life!

3.A lady is always here to spend a weekend at his house, I've talked to him, begged him to know if I offended him, he says no, but he doesn't change, what should I do?

4. Any time I tell him to avoid being close to his EX, he's getting upset and he's abusing me, still I love him so much, how can I change him? "You are the one who needs improvement! Your self-esteem is almost zero and your high level of tolerance for violence is incredible!

That lady who stabbed her husband in 2017 did that when she found out he was cheating! She went crazy, lost her senses, and took cold blood from him, but now she's losing her life when she's been sentenced to death by hanging, so you don't want to get to that level!

A woman screamed out for support on social media when she found out that her husband has married another woman without her knowledge and had children for her. She begged people to pray for her, because she completely lost her senses. She was rapidly becoming a medical case!

Another woman killed her beloved spouse and buried him underneath a bridge somewhere where nobody would suspect. His unfaithful lifestyle forced her to kill him.

One woman can no longer bear it and cut off her husband's private part!

Another woman poured heated, boiling oil on her husband while sitting in the toilet. The list is going on and on .

Cheating is a painful thing! A ton of people don't know or understand this! When they really consider the implications, no man would ever cheat on his wife! You simply can not compete with adultery! It all starts from courtship, but a lot of people are oblivious to the insanity that they call love, get married and start shouting "wolf!"

A guy who can't contain his erection when he sees you and must have intimacy, either by consent or rape, is going to have a mad marriage affair! You 're not the reason he could not really control his erection, he's having severe self-control issues, so he's going to have sex with your wife, girlfriend, or mother when you're sick and can't have intercourse, you 're going to fly, or you're just going to bed, so you need around 3 months of room.

This is why we continue to preach abstinence of virginity until we get married! It helps you control your sexual desire and, if necessary, your marriage!

You can't make a dishonest man adjust! You are not Christ, you are not the Holy Spirit.

Once you start noticing, he 's talking to his EX full-scale, trying to avoid you, flirting with other women, he's always asking for sex, he 's talking to unknown women from morning to night, and he's not going to make any correction, for your sake of peace! For the sake of your life!

Don't ever let anyone force you to commit attempted murder! There is no excuse underneath the sky strong enough to excuse the murder! You do that, you will face the wrath of the law, and your mother, brothers, friends and family will mourn your loss when the judge sentences you to death! All the shit can be stopped right now!

Jesus says that you are to love your neighbor as meaning yourself, to love yourself first, to take care of your mental wellbeing before you enter into a relationship with another human being!

When he's cheating, pick up the race! Don't waste your time please.

A cheating man is unintelligent, irresponsible, youthful, and not a soul with whom you can waste your time. You can't make him change! This is the domain of God! Leave it to God to save your soul!

May God bless you with your heart desire, AMEN.

Content created and supplied by: Prince1983 (via Opera News )


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