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Theft robbery

Two robbers caught by police confesses how they killed lagosians

As we all know the situation in the country due to the untold hardship amidst this pandemic many people took into crime as a means of livelihood. Two robbers were caught by the police while trying to sell an iPhone x they stole from their victim who they just killed. The robbers narrated how they killed lagosians at traffic spot, when they were paraded by the lagos state police command.

One of the suspect said, "on Saturday night i and my partner went to the spot of the traffic light, my partner went to the driver of a car and strangled him while he was waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

I remove his phone from the car and we quickly fled on a bus bound for oshodi to sell the phone when police officer challenged us because they suspected us. They also said that they operated in traffic places especially express road, kara bridge and brerger.

The other one specialzed in pick pocketing and after there operation they spent the money sleeping with sex workers.

pls people should be careful where and how they move especially when criminals are roaming about killing people. Pls share for others to know.

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