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The Tragic Story of Hadiza Oboh, Nigeria Airways’ First Female Pilot

Story of Hadiza Oboh, the first female pilot of the Nigeria Airways, who as a Senior First Officer (S/FO), was murdered by her domestic staff on February 8, 1998. The killers were arrested, jumped bail, escaped police custody and are yet to be found, even until today. She was only 39.

Who was Hadiza Oboh?

Hadiza Oboh was the first and only female pilot of the defunct Nigeria Airways in the 1990s. She was an amazon in, not only, the Nigerian aviation industry but the world at large. She has also been hailed as a trailblazer by her colleagues in the sector and was seen as a progenitor and the future of the upcoming Nigerian women in the highly skilled sectors, which has been dominated by the menfolk.

Little is known of her early life but as of the time of death, she was a single lady in her late thirties who lived alone in her residence in Ikoyi, a highbrow of Lagos, the then capital of Nigeria.

Hadiza Oboh at the convention of the International Society of Airline Pilots, Helsinki, Finland, 1991/Source.

As it was a large house, she had her domestic servants who helped her in running the house while she focused on her career. Unfortunately, these servants she trusted with her life would cut down her dreams as a woman who wanted to conquer the skies in her chosen profession.


In 1984, Oboh began her career as a Flight Officer aboard a Nigeria Airways Boeing 737 and by 1989, she was already a well-established pilot and remained a superstar of aviation throughout the 1990s. She has always been a point of reference and source of pride for all women associations in Nigeria and Africa.


In addition to running some other activities in the house, one of the domestic servants and chief orchestrator, Abdullahi, served as the gate-man, security guard, and gardener, and had access to all parts of the house.

About 8 pm on that fateful February, Hadiza Oboh drove home from the airport and it was Abdullahi who opened the gate for her as she returned from work. The pilot then went to her bedroom while one of the domestic workers helped her with the flight bag.

Oboh’s help took her flight bag to her bedroom and found many more foreign currencies than normal in the bedroom, along with tons of designer wears, jewel-studded bracelets, gold chains, and many others, and this must have fueled their desire to murder her and cart away her properties.

There must have been a plan in the offing as to the extent of her material wealth which would eventually spur these evildoers into action.

Hadiza Oboh went straight to the kitchen to prepare a meal for herself after resting from her trip, a meal that anyone reading this story would presume was her last, but she never tasted the meal.

Unknown to her, her gateman, Abdullahi had sneaked out and opened the gate to the other three connivers who had entered the house.

Peter Eche, from Benue State, trained as an auto-electrician, was one of the brains behind the plot and in 1993, Oboh had employed him as a gardener and gate-man. He was hired because Abdullahi had been fired by Oboh for gross misconduct. When Peter worked for her, he lived inside the compound in the servants’ quarters.

Crew of the Nigeria Airways, 1982.

But when Peter was traveling to his Markurdi village, Oboh decided to re-employ Abdullahi pending Peter’s return. That error would prove extremely deadly.

When Peter returned, Abdullahi moved swiftly and co-opted Peter of his sinister agenda to kill Oboh, mainly because of her wealth, and the latter agreed to be part of the plot.

It has been confirmed that Abdullahi said that Oboh should be killed because “she had much money and properties.” Peter agreed to be part of the plot.

In fact, by coordinating the other assassins who would take part in the operation, he went one step further. The meeting point for the killers was the place outside the house where Abdullahi sold his cheap products.


The strategy was for the killers to skulk around in the dark and wait until Oboh arrived at her residence that day. Once they saw she was comfortably inside, they etched their plan which had been painstaking and detailed. Through the rear door of the kitchen, the assassins gained access to the house.

Oboh was, inside the kitchen, cooking when they entered. (Why would she cook by herself when she was supposed to have cooks? Where were they? Are all her domestic servants, men?)

Nevertheless, according to reports, Abdullahi pounced on the unsuspecting victim’s neck with a rope that he had with him and she was overpowered despite her shouts, pleas, and struggles.

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As the pilot gave her last kicks in a desperate survival attempt, Abdullahi, the very person she hired to protect her, strengthened her grip and tightened the noose around her throat, cutting off her brain’s blood supply, in reality, strangulating her while other attackers attacked and restrained her.

The bitter fight continued for a couple of minutes and she was left lifeless. The murderers did not stop there. They carried her corpse to the septic tank where they dumped her body (locally and popularly referred to as soak-away). They then got the cement bags and cemented the tank securely.


With the body of Hadiza Oboh secured in the septic tank, they moved to the next stage of their plans by embarking on a proper looting of her residence.

They carted everything that was valuable in her house, from her gold jewels to her expensive wears to the hard currencies, they cleared it all.

Her car was turned into a taxi and even Peter left the boys’ quarters to start living in the main building that the deceased pilot had previously occupied.

The septic tank “soak-away” where Oboh’s body was found by the operatives.

In fact, every time a visitor or a friend came to check on her, they would respond in pidgin by saying, “Madam don travel and we no know when she dey come back.”

Disappointed, her visitors would turn back assuming that the pilot had to travel or was again on her busy schedules.

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