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”We Will Accuse You of Rape When You Promise Us Something, Take Advantage of Us and Run Away.” Magret

”We Will Accuse You of Rape When You Promise Us Something, Take Advantage of Us and Run Away.” Magret  

As cases of rapes and rape accusations keep increasing by the day, young men out there need to be very careful how they go about, getting ‘entangled’ with these ladies especially, the feminists. Because of the high rates of false rape accusations which has cost (and still costing) some men, damages that may not be healed for life.

Following the death of Izu who was accused of rape by a lady known as Nanichainese on twitter, there has been a lot of reactions from the general public as it turns out that, Nani actually accused late Izu of rape because, Izu refused her love advances towards him.

Because he could no longer beat the shame and the stigma of being called a rapist, Izu committed suicide yesterday. The gentleman couldn’t handle the shame and depression of being labelled a rapist as the ‘society’ didn’t give him a chance to proof his innocence.


A lady who sees nothing wrong in false rape accusation, went further to explain the condition they (ladies) can accuse guys of rape. According to Magret, if you as a man promise them something and fail to fulfil it after taking ‘advantage’ of them, you are a rapist. 

See, I am not disputing the fact that there are guys/men who are actually rapists, going about hunting for anything under the skirt. Those type of men deserves not to be killed, they deserve to die slowly for them to feel pains for years before they finally die. Any convicted rapist deserves any form of punishment melted on him.

Haven’t said that, knowing fully well that the society is gradually rising with one voice against rape, feminists are bow capitalizing on this, accusing young and married men of rape. This has make the fight against rape to become more complex.

How do you think false rape accusation will affect the fight against rape?

What should be done to false rape accusers?


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