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JUST IN : 18 Years Old Girl Raped And Butchered By 2 Men In Niger State

And yet again, another rape and murder case In Nigeria!

The Niger State Police Department has arrested two men for brutally raping and Butchering an 18 years old girl.

The suspects aged 25 and 29 respectively, have been identified as Abdulkadir Ibrahim Of Doko Village and Abubakar Idris of Dabban Village in Lavun Local Government Area of Niger state have been convicted for luring an 18-years-old teenage girl Hauwa Saidu, into a hidden place where they raped and murdered her.

(Suspects: Abdulkadir and Abubakar)

The suspects revealed while being interrogated that they had volunteered to give Hauwa a lift on their motorcycle to her destination, only to divert on the way and carry out their evil plans.

The men allegedly raped, killed and dismembered Hauwa's body after carrying out this shameful act, they took some part to an unknown place which they have refused to reveal to the police and left the rest in the bush.

One of the suspects admitted to the police that they intended to use her for rituals and decided to enjoy her first before carrying out their rituals.

He said: “We did not know that we would be caught. We had been looking for someone to use for the ritual, and when she approached our motorcycle to ask for a lift to her destination, we saw it as an opportunity that should not be missed "

He continued :

We wanted to do rituals because we were tired of being poor. But before we killed her, we decided to enjoy her since she would soon die and no one else would enjoy her again.”

When the police probed further, they blatantly refused to tell the police where they took parts of her body to, but rather showed them remains of Hauwa left in the bush.

The case is under investigation and the suspects will be arraigned in court as soon as investigations are completed, according to the Police.

Rape is a dangerous act and punishable by law, every man alive just learn to say NO TO RAPE!

( news source: the nation's news)

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