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Princess Cries Out and Seeks Justice: The Maltreated House Maid

Just few days ago, we heard of a house maid (Princess Michael) whose mistress (Mrs. Yemi Awolola) maltreated to the point of placing hot object in her private part and how the mistress was taken to court. However, after much investigation, it was discovered that the allegation against the mistress is a fact because the house maid has been able to speak to the Press.

According to Princess, she knew her mistress - Awolola at Shagari Estate, Barnawa, Kaduna. Her father and aunt placed Awolola in-charge of her because of her school. But, she attended school for only a week because she ate her doughnuts on the way to school; therefore, Awolola stopped her from going to school. Another day, when Awolola came back from work and asked who ate the rice at home. She confessed to her mistress and immediately, Awolola gave her another beating and even added pepper in her private part; and sometimes put a lit lighter there. Awolola kept her in the toilet to sleep and gave her water from the toilet to drink, she remained there for over a week. Also, she said that Awolola fed her either once or twice in a day. Sometimes, she added bitter leaves to the rice or any meal for her. 

These are some of the maltreatment Princess passed through in the hands of her mistress and most times, the husband do go inside his chamber whenever her mistress begins to inflict pain on her. Thus, she said, “I feel bad and hurt. I want justice. I want her to be burnt the same way she burnt me so that she can know how it feels”.

Hmm… How could a human being be this mean? Hope this experience won’t traumatize Princess forever?


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