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Lady Share Her Near Death Experience In The Hand Of A Yahoo Boy

A female has shared her stunning experience of dating a yahoo boy, she stated it is very hazardous to date a yahoo boy. 

She narrated thus:

On a fateful morning, I met this man named Richard in a banking hall and he dressed to kill and was polite when he spoke to me. 

We linked up very well and we started to spend time together. I realized he is a very secretive guy, so I was very careful each time I want to ask him any question. He claimed he used to be into real estate and I believed him. 

So remaining week, he begged me to accompanied him to Asaba that he desires to go and get right of entry to a property there. I was so comfortable and I virtually revel in being round him because he is jovial and fun to be with, no longer knowing am about to make a pass I will regret. 

We begin our trip and we were accompanied by different two guys which he stated have been his friends, but I observed all through the experience they did not even chat like ordinary guys should. 

When we got to Asaba, he said we need to head down to the property because he don't choose to waste a whole lot of time at all. 

The experience begins, we had been driving via a very dark and quiet street that used to be surely leading to nowhere and I was quickly asleep. Immediately I woke up, I was tied to the floor with an herbalist spouting loud incantation with a full glare of Richard and the other two guys.

I was extraordinarily scared and lots of thinking had been just going for walks via my thought however am not positive of how this will give up but at the returned of my mind, I settled for death when I noticed the knife, candles and bucket that were around me. I say in my mind that this is the end of my experience on earth. 

This persevered for a couple of hours, and I was slowly passing out. The herbalist washed my feet and Richard drank the water. Not lengthy ago, we just heard gunshots not too long way away, they all fled while I was the only one mendacity down on the floor.

To the glory of God and the shame of satan, it happened that the police chased some armed robbers to an hideout in the identical surroundings and had a gun war with the robbers. The police found me and I defined what happened to them and I was rescued. Since that very day, Richard has disappeared to the skinny air, no one has heard of him.

This is my advice to younger girls out there, I was opportuned to narrate my story, now not all ladies do have this opportunity that I had now. A man may look good-looking and sound so polite, however he might be evil in his heart. Watch and pray. 

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