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Rembering Hector Joberteh, GUS 2006 winner who was shot dead

Sometime ago in Nigeria, there were so many interesting television shows that aired apart from Big Brother Naija. Shows like Nigerian Idol, Maltina dancehall, Nigeria's got talent and Gulder ultimate search. These shows were widely viewed and it captivated the hearts of many Nigerians.

Gulder Ultimate search was an interesting show, that was loved by so many Nigerians and it was somewhat a sad news for Nigerians when it was discontinued.

The 2006 edition of the show "The Brew Master’s Secret" which was hosted in Benin, Edo State,was was won by Mr. Hector Joberteh. He was rewarded with the grand prize of 5 Million Naira and a Ford Explorer SUV. 

However, in 2017, Nigerians received a shocking news about the murder of the former winner of the Gulder Ultimate search television show, Hector Joberteh. Late Hector Joberteh was shot dead by some assailants in a robbery gone wrong.

According to one of the prime suspects, Ismail Adeyemi, he claimed that Hector was not actually their intended target but he was just a victim of a " fatal error". The robbers actually wanted to harm Hector's brother but ended up killing Hector Joberteh.

-Ismail Adeyemi (suspect)

Ismail Adeyemi claimed he wasn't the one that shot Hector, he said it was his partner 'Keke' that shot Hector. After the murder, the assailants made away with a bag and the victim's phone. The victims phone was sold and this sale proved to be vital in the tracing and apprehension of the perpetrators.

Below are pictures of late Hector Joberteh;

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