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Fisherman Caught This Strange Fish In Bayelsa, What Could Be The Name.

Fisherman caught this strange fish looking like a crocodile in his net in Bayelsa. A fish having a very scary body and long mouth like that of a crocodile. Mr Tokoni the fisherman said, he has never seen such kind of water creature even before he started his fishing carrier.

At seeing the fish for the first time he was scared because of the kind of mouth the fish has. He has no knowledge about the fish so he wanted to throw it back to the river. But his friend insisted on taking the fish home at least if not for consumption, to have a knowledge about the fish.

Tokoni insisted never to touch the the fish with his hands. He even went ahead to tore the part of the net that caught the fish. Finally his friend brought the fish home. No one seems to be familiar with with the fish, no knowledge about this fish.

Residents are advising that the fish should be thrown away, but some are insisting that the fish was created by God so it should be butchered for the kitchen. But mere looking at the fish, honestly it looks scary so one can't really blame Tokoni for not going close to his catch. The most scary part is that, The fish is breathing after some hours of staying in the land.

Although it is created by God and should be consumed as said by some people. But will it be safe after the consumption? Will it not be hazardous to the human body.

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