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Ten Things Officers Of Nigerian Police Can Do Better Than American Police

The primary duty of a police officer I presume is to upload law and order while also safeguarding the life and properties of the citizens of that state or country.

But in Nigeria, the story seems different. Nigerian police officers sometimes abandoned this duty to answer the call of nature or do other things they like.

For example, this officer is obviously on duty, but not in this world. He's on duty in the dreamland.

This one is having a conversation with the gods. I just hope he won't exhaust his airtime.

Election duty can be boring, so, the officer got to do what she got to do - sleep!

Yes, we are police officers, but we also want to have a drinking competition.

You cannot escape the eagle eye of a Nigerian police officer, especially when he wants to collect bribe from you.

Voting in progress? Sleeping in progress!

We are coming to help you fight thieves, we just need to start our vehicle...

A Nigerian policeman that does not know how to hail rich man to drop money should return back to the police college.

It's drink I drink, I no kill person...

There is love in sharing abi? There is love in sleeping together too.

Now, how did we get here in the first place?

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