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Atrocities committed by so-called men and women of God. (Opinion)

The nation continues to be in awe at the constant report of atrocities committed by so called anointed and ordained men and women of God.Charlatans cloaked in the falsehood that they have been anointed and ordained as ministers of God but yet they are the real descendants of the devil and from the very pit of hell they came forth. Armed with a bible, dressed in white robes and with the title of Pastor, Prophet, Prophetess, Deacon, Elder, Deaconess or even Bishop, these people have descended into the fold of God and have deceived, maimed, harmed and misled millions of souls with their fake teachings, prophecies and teachings all in the name of deliverance and whatever they tend to call themselves, and those who fall victim are those who are of little faith and believe more in their pastors than in God.The recent report of a so called deaconess of the Living Faith Church, Barnawa who subjected a 14year old girl placed under her care to the highest form of human degradation and servitude is the latest in the rise of abuses perpetrated by these so called men of God. Report has it that the 14-year-old girl named Princess was made to live with the deaconess from hell as a result of the rise in insecurity in Kaduna, the influx of bandits to their abode had left her family homeless hence the need to have her stay with the wicked deaconess. Had they known better they wouldnt have made such a decision as that singular decision almost cost the life of the poor, innocent girl?

The wicked, devilish deaconess was arrested for torturing and subjecting the little girl to immense pain, including but not limited to burning and insertion of hot, peppery items into her private part, and while all this happened, the husband kept mute and obviously turned a blind eye to it. As gathered from sources, the act was committed in unison with the children of the wicked deaconess. While this torment and torture continued, she restricted the parents of the girl from seeing their daughter claiming corona virus as the reason. And when this continued, the parents of the girl had to contact an NGO which led to the discovery and arrest of the Deaconess from hell.

In another scenario of Pastor from hell, this one reported to have happened overseas, a Nigerian pastor with the name Micheal Oluronbi, aged 60years had been accosted and charged with rape of minors consisting of a boy and 6 girls. The wicked man claimed to be performing holy bath on the children. And this was said to have occurred over the span of 20years. This happened in Birmingham, the United Kingdom. The wicked man if facing over 34yeras imprisonment, and his accomplice wife is facing 11years in prison for aiding and abetting. The minors were reported to have taken in and were aborted with the help of the wife. Such wickedness perpetrated under the cover of the church and Gods work

Also overseas, a Nigerian man was caught on video accusing a pastor of the First Christ Apostolic Church of having sexual relations with his wife and attempting to have same with his daughter. This happened in the United States. The obviously angry man went to the church where the pastor is stationed during a church service and made the accusations, and as the guilty pastor could not refute, he had to make a run for it.

And we also recall in 2013, when a pastor of a Pentecostal church in delta state was caught entangled in a pregnancy saga involving a woman and her under aged daughter. Unbelievable! On further discovery, the pastor was found to be responsible for the two pregnancies o the premise that he conducted spiritual cleansing on them.

This leaves little to wonder, what is the true calling of persons who claim to be men and women of God? The church of God is no longer what was created to be, it has not turned to be a means of creating wealth and having carnal knowledge of women and children al in the name of carrying out spiritual cleaning. God have mercy. About a year or two ago, a very famous Abuja based pastor with the name of Joshua Iginla was proud and bold to confess before his congregation on a Sunday that he had been cheating on is wife and that the same wife was also cheating on him. Chai! He also said that they were headed for divorce. Oh how it is easy to break one of Gods given ordinances, the ordinance of marriage. The church for so long has enjoyed immunity from government, I think it is high time; the government enacted a law to help curb this rising menace.

Maybe when churches begin to pay tax to the government thereby limiting the amount of money at their will, there will be a solution. Likewise should there be a law a heavily penalizing the abuse of minors for whatever reasons, then there will be a stop. For how do you relate having sexual relations with a lady all in the name of spiritual cleansing and then you hide under that term to commit havoc and at the end of the day, these victims are left emotionally and psychologically scarred.

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