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5 young mothers in history who were below the age of 10

For a woman or rather a female to get pregnant and stand the chance of having a baby, she must have started ovulating. Ovulation, the word from which ovulating is gotten, simply refers to the property of female beings, of which human beings are included, to produce eggs. Ovulation often occur a year after menstration had began. Menstration in females, on average, often starts at age 11 or 12. For some, it comes more earlier in life and that was what gave the phenomenon the name, "precocious puberty."

In this here article, we would be giving you a list of girls who had precocious puberty and were therefore able to give birth much early than normal. Here we go:

1. Lina Medina

This little girl from Peru is the youngest confirmed mother in modern history. At the young age of 5 years and 7 months, Lina Medina gave birth. It therefore means she must have gotten pregnant before the age of 5. It would have been difficult for the birth of her baby boy to be done through natural means so Lina Medina had to gve birth through the renowned Caesarian section surgical operation.

At the time she was confirmed pregnant, the question was who got her pregnant. Among many other suspects, her father was the most suspicious. So Lina's father was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing his daughter. However, he was later released as there was no direct evidence to decelare him guilty. And so, the baby's boy father was never identified.

2. H.

Known simply as H, our number 2 girl on this list was Indian. She gave birth two years more than Lina Medina. Her giving birth at the tender age of 6 years and 7 months places her as second on this list. From this data, we were able to deduce that H. was barely 6 years old at the time she got pregnant. As it was reported at the time, H. had not not started menstrauating and her breasts were not fully developed which makes her case very odd. Even with the undeveloped breasts, she was able to breastfeed her child. The Biological father of this Indian girl's child was also, like Lina Medina's, unidentified.

3. Liza 

Our third case is a rather sorry one. It was reported that the biological father of Liza's baby was her own mother's father. She was raped and impregnated by the 70-year-old grandpa. Well that is not the reason why I called her case sad. Why I called her case sad was because her baby didn't survive. The baby died as a result of early placental tear. Retractors was how Liza was able to give birth for it would have been near impossible for how to give birth on her own.

4. Mum-Zi and Zi

The country Nigeria appears in this list and rightly so because our fourth case happened in the region that is now known by the name. It happened sometime between the year 1884-1893 in Akwa Akpa now known as Calabar, today's capital of Cross River State. Mum Zi was a part of Chief Akkiri's harem which probably included other young girls who were older than her. Mum-Zi gave birth at the age of eight years and four months to a baby girl who for reference would be named Zi. This happened in 1884. Zi, the daughter of Mum-Zi would go on to be impregnated by the same chief at age eight and four months. As a result of this, Mum-Zi is regarded as the world's youngest confirmed grandmother. At the age of 17, Mum-Zi was already a grandmother.

5. Griseldina Acuña

Griseldina Acuña's case was very odd. It was reported that she had started menstrauating at the young age of 3! On September 13, 1936, Griseldina Acuña gave birth to a baby boy who weighed only 5 pounds. It was reported that a family friend had impregnated Griseldina. At the age of 8 years and 2 months, this girl had been a mother.

This article shows that sexual abuse had been going on since time immemorial, who knows what the men that impregnated these five girls were thinking.


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