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Pregnant woman backed her baby, carried a load on her head, and her husband was doing this

A video has been cited of what most men do or treat their wives at home. The pregnant woman was still allowed to carry a load despite backing a baby.

According to the video,they both must be coming from the farm. A man and his wife and two kids. With the video,the man was walking behind the woman. The woman is heavily pregnant and still has a child at her back. The other lady is old enough but the mother still held her hand while walking.

The worst part of it was that,the woman was still allowed to carry a load on her head. This must have been what they gathered from the farm. Bananas and some other things. Judging from the video,what the woman is carrying would be heavy.

As men, I want us to judge from the pictures that would be dropped below. I will also put the video down.

Though,we practically do not go to farms again,but is this not how we treat our wives at home? They must be the one to do everything. At least the man should have helped in carrying the little boy the woman was backing.

Watch the video here.

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