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Theft robbery

Are You A Good Detective? Then Solve This Robbery Case - Who Is The Thief?

A woman stole Jewelry from Several Stores, Ranging from Gold Necklace to diamond wristwatch.

Each time she told a jewelry, the Alarm went off. Signaling that someone have stolen a piece of expensive jewelry.

Each time the police arrive at the crime scene, the robber would have escaped, leaving no traces.

The detective could only see the back of the robber and they knew it was a woman. When it comes to women, people won't call it robbery again but will rather call it Shop lifting.

Once again another robbery took place and the guard of the store managed to block the exit.

The detective arrived in a minute and entered the the store. He saw four women in the store.

Who is the robber? Please bear the person you choose in mind whether its the first, the second or the third. If you get the answer right then you are a good detective, but if you get it wrong then you don't deserve to be a detective.

See which women is the robber

Only her shows are good for running. when you look at the shadows, you will see that she have been the one stealing all the expensive jewelry.

If you get it right please indicate at the comment section below. Please like and share to loved ones.

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Gold Necklace


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