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What happens when God turns Your captivity around, by Pastor Timothy Benedict

"When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them. (Psalm 126:1-2).

This is a word for someone:

The brothers of Joseph once thought that the life, welfare or destiny of Joseph lay in their hands, they thought about killing him or throwing him into the pit to rot, before ended up selling him into slavery. They sat down to eat and drink to celebrate their ‘victory’ and share the loot from their brother’s blood. Joseph appeared to be at their mercy at that time but unknown to them, his GIFT and DREAM were still intact. 

Potiphar and his wife had him as a slave without rights and privileges and used him as they wanted and eventually threw him into the prison after what appeared to be a successful conspiracy, but unknown to them, Joseph’s GIFT and DREAM were still intact. 

The chief warder delegated his official responsibilities to Joseph, Joseph had no choice but to carry out the assignments dutifully without complaints, who can he appeal or complain to anyway when he was just a personal property of the country’s chief of army staff? But Joseph maintained his GIFT and DREAM. 

AND IT CAME TO PASS, heaven conspired with the forces of nature to release a puzzle only Joseph's GIFT and DREAM could solve. He rode on his GIFT and DREAM to a change of position, status, economy and relationships. 

Eventually Joseph and Potiphar met again At the Federal Executive Council meeting of Egypt, Potiphar came in his own right as the chief of army staff and Joseph also came in his own right as the Vice President and defacto ruler of Egypt. There was mutual respect and recognition. 

The chief warder and Joseph met again but this time it was for the chief warder to take instructions from Joseph on how to keep in prison those who defaulted in tax payments. 

The brothers of Joseph and Joseph met again but this time, they bowed to talk to him. Their lives, welfare and future were in Joseph's hand. 


Treat people with care, love and respect when you have the stage, the stage may not be yours forever. God is still in the business of turning people’s captivities. The little and inconsequential Joseph of today may be the one to decide your fate tomorrow. 

My friends, I don't know where you are now or who behaves and treats you as if your life and destiny are at their mercy, please hold on to your GIFTS and DREAMS, for you shall meet again, but this time, on a different pedestal! Always remember that whatever you are going through now, “IT SHALL COME TO PASS” in the “PROCESS OF TIME”.

Keep on adding value to yourself and to your work. Remain focused, dedicated, passionate, spiritual, sacrificial and enthusiastic on your current assignment so that your next meeting will be a memorable one, but as for meeting? YOU SHALL MEET AGAIN IF JESUS TARRIES!

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