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Corporal punishment: Flogging or caning children should stop in our societies (Opinion)

Arguably, children are gifts from the almighty God, and as parents or guardians, their is a need to take good care of them, from childhood to adulthood.

Culturally, there are ways in which parents train their children, in some cultures, parents are discouraged from using cane on their children. In some Western societies, it is a crime against the law to use cane on children, and one might be jailed if found wanting of such offence.

In Africa, particularly Nigeria, some parents tend to derive joy in flogging their children both males and females, while trying to stop them from doing certain things.

For instance, the video of a father flogging his grown up daughter is currently going viral on social media. According to the video, the father had already warned the young girl from joining certain WhatsApp group without his permission. However, the young girl failed to follow her daddy's directive. Nevertheless, while going through her phone, the father found out that his daughter has disobeyed his directive.

Thus, in order to stop her from repeating such act, the father started flogging the young lady. Though several social media users are of the view that there is nothing wrong in what the man has done to his daughter, while some had disagreed with such view.

However, it should be noted that there are several ways of correcting one's child. Flogging or canning a grown up child should not be seen as the best method of correcting such child. Parents must try as much as possible to do away with this act and seek alternative.

Evidently, this method has not been working effectively, some children had become worse as a result of consistent flogging,

Just as i have pointed out earlier, there are several ways of correcting a child, and it is the responsibility of parents to know the best method to use in correcting their children apart from corporal punishment.

Hence, flogging or canning children must stop in our homes.

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