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Opinion: It Is Very Dangerous For A Lady To Be Dating A Yahoo Boy, These Are The Reasons

Courting a yahoo boy is one of the riskiest things any girl could involve in. A lady recounted her experience with Richard, the guy she met in the bank and he appeared well dressed and he talked reasonably.

They became intimate and shortly they began spending moments together.

She said she discovered he is a very confidential guy, so she didn't bother to ask him several questions. He told me that he is doing Real Estate business, I trusted him. Richard told me last week to escort him to Asaba to check an estate.

I was delighted and certainly, I appreciated being with him. I didn't know I would regret it.

We traveled together with two other guys that he professed they are his colleagues, but throughout the trip, they didn't actually talk to each other as normal friends.

We reached Asaba very late in the night but he insisted we should go right to the estate because he didn't like to waste time.

We began the trip into a dark and deserted road that was virtually leading us nowhere, I slept off around 1 am. Minutes later I awakened and discovered I was tied on the ground in front of an old man babbling some incantations while I was seeing Richard and his companions.

I was in a panic and series of suggestions came to my head in a moment but I didn't have any idea how everything was going to end. But somehow, I knew I was prepared for death because I saw the candles, buckets, and knives, around them. I knew instantly that I had sent myself to my tragic end.

This proceeded for some time as I was gradually losing my awareness. They rinsed my feet and Richard took the water and drank it. I was being stripped, then suddenly we heard the sound of gunshots very close to us. All of them ran away into the dark and I was abandoned alone on the ground.

Thank God it occurred that the Police were chasing after some criminals who were trying to escape within the area, and they were exchanging gunshots. A good Samaritan found me, I recounted my ordeal to them and I was rescued. Since then, we haven't found Richard, we haven't set our eyes on him.

This is my advice to young ladies of this era. I'm a good illustration and very lucky to be alive to talk about my story. A guy may appear good, rich, well-spoken, polite but deep down inside, he may have an evil agenda. 

Be watchful and be prayerful.

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