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Women Should Go To Jail For False Rape Allegations As Izu Commited Suicide For Wrong Accusation

A promising young man who goes by the name Izu has committed suicide after being falsely accused by a social media Influencer.

Izu was into fashion, and grew his business from sewing in his house to owning a warehouse.

Details of the event are still sketchy. However, as at the time of creating this thread, the accuser, Nani, had deactivated her social media accounts.

Izu simply turned down her advances and all she could do was falsely accuse him of rape. Now he has committed suicide. Women with false rape accusations should be jailed. Justice must be served. 

Accusing someone falsely of rape knowing it would ruin their reputation and everything they've worked for including their life is pure evil. If your best comeback against someone is to accuse them falsely, then you're weak, wicked and beyond redemption!

Rape has become a weapon women and misandrists are using on Men whom they had a fall out with to get back at them and even if you prove the Accusation is false there’s always a dent on your image.

Let there be a lawful prison sentence for False accusers!

R.I. P to a poor soul

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