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Meet Nigerian First Female Pilot Who Was Murdered By The People Who Are Meant To Protect Her

This is the very sad story of a girl who had the dream of conquering the sky, Captain Hadiza Oboh. When she was cut down in her prime by the same people that she cooked, clothed and trusted with her own soul, she was basking in the manifestation of her dreams.

Hadiza Lantana Oboh (1959–1998) was a pilot from Nigeria. She was Nigeria Airways' first and only female pilot.She was murdered at her house on 8 February, in a supposed robbery involving members of her domestic staff.

Hadiza was independent and lived alone in her house, where she embraced every comfort available and was rarely visited by parents , friends or associates. She appears to have been mostly focused on her work and may have been very introverted.

Oboh had been flying for a few years for another airline before going to work for Nigeria Airways. She began as a flight officer on a Boeing 737-200 at Nigeria Airways.

Captain Hadiza Oboh was single and lived alone, as mentioned earlier. Her domestic servants who were males were the only people staying with her at her Ikoyi Home. They served as the gateman (the maiguard or security watch was Abdullahi), the gardener besides performing some other household duties.

When she was murdered, Hadiza Lantana Oboh was 39 years old. After arresting her gardener for trying to sell items belonging to her, the police found her decomposed body in the septic tank at her home.

Several members of the domestic workers of Oboh have been charged with murder and released on bail. They were gone, and proved to have provided false addresses later on.

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