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See what happened after a girl falsely accused a guy for rape

The picture above shows a girl who falsely accused a guy for rape

The said guy by name, Izu was accused of rape by her just because he didn't give in when she asked him out.

The society pounced in him, trust how people would react if they hear you raped someone. The guy who couldn't handle the trauma decided to take his own life.

It was after he committed suicide that the girl out of guilt, admitted to the fact that he didn't rape her. She did all of that because she asked him out and he would not agree.

But can the truth bring a dead back to life. Now she has to live with guilt for the rest of her life.

Pls let's be guided, watch our tongues and be careful in this life.

Accusing someone of rape just because he didn't give in to your request is such a wicked act because rape is not a small offense and also people won't take it lightly with an offender.

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