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How To Survive Hostage Situation Everywhere In The World

Good day to our esteem readers of Opera Hub.

I have a very educative, informative and enlightening information to share with you. As we all know, life is unpredictable today in the world and one can never know what will happen to him or her in the next minute. In view of this, a wise person must always stay ready in case of uncertainties. It will be great to share what you will learn here with your loved ones and associates.

Once, twice or many times you must have read the story of kidnappings or hostage situation on this very platform or other media. Well, for me, this is nothing new because I myself was a victim of kidnapping but I didn't use any of these tips am sharing with you because I know nothing of such then. But this will be a story for another day. I thank the Almighty for my life today. Please don't forget to share.

Do the following procedures if you find your self in such a terrible situation.

1. Don't Be A Hero, Accept The Situation And Be Prepared To Wait

In case of a hostage situation, do not try to be hero, as this very moment, your life matter most. Calm yourself down and prepare to wait for whatever is to come.

2. Do What You Are Told

Remember that the first 45 minutes are the most dangerous, do not be naive or arrogant, as I mentioned above, your life matters.

3. Do Not Speak Unless Spoken To

Do not say a word, keep your cool, and speak only when it is necessary. Do not try to distract your captors with unnecessary noise.

4. Pretend To Be Comfortable, But Never Turn Your Back On Your Captors

This is one of the most important thing, do not turn your back on your abductors, do not look disturbed. Pretend to be okay.

5. Do Not Make Suggestions

Some people tend to make suggestion when they are nervous, don't do that, you will be blamed if it goes wrong.

6. Do Not Try To Escape

Unless you are 100% sure of success, also you need to think twice because capital punishment will be unleashed upon runners by captors.

7. Let Medicals Be Known

If you are injured during the situation, let your medical needs known in a matter of facts only, don't try to act smart.

8. Be Observant

Memorise your captors names, signs or tattoos on their body. This will be useful to security agencies.

9. Do Not Be Argumentative

Do not be naive, curious or very questioning. Treat your captors like royalties. Do not be arrogant because it is your life that is at stake.

10. When Help Comes, Stay Down With Your Hands On The Heads

This will enable the security forces to differentiate criminals and victims, also it will prevent you from flying or stray bullets.

11. Answer Only 'Yes' Or 'No' If You End Up Fielding Questions From The Authorities

In the event of interrogation by the security forces, answer only with positive or negative. Add detail only when it is important.

If you find this helpful, please follow me and comment your opinion.

Content created and supplied by: Rasheeed (via Opera News )

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