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Woman arrested for brutalizing her 9 year old housemaid in Plateau State.

The operatives of the Plateau State Police Command have arrested a woman who allegedly brutalized her 9 year old house maid by inflicting severe injuries on her face and other parts of her body.

The woman by name Anne Emmanuel, was arrested at her resident yesterday in the Apata area of Jos, Plateau State, after neighbors came to the rescue of this 9 year old girl who was severely brutalized by this woman who is her aunty.

On getting to apartment to find out the reason why this woman was mercilessly beating up this little girl, the woman refused to open the door and the neighbors were left with no option but to barge in as the girl was endlessly begging for help saying her aunty will kill her if they do not help her.

When the neighbors managed to forcefully open the door they were all in shock as the woman had already brutalized this little girl to the extent that the girl was not able to see at that moment due to the severe injuries on her eye region.

Neighbors were not please with this barbaric act and some of them wanted to start beating up the woman before the police arrived as the girl explained that all these brutality was because she went out to play with friends when her aunty was not around.

According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident she said this woman need to be taught a lesson because this was not the first time of her violating this little girl for irresponsible reasons, she also added other neighbors were tired of this barbaric act and that is why they had to involve the people this time.

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