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Rape Obscene

Save me I am innocent :FICTION

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Jude how many times do you want me to say it. I love you and I mean it. What I feel for you isn't infatuation it is real love . I love you jude ,I really love you. You occupy my thoughts every single minute.

Faith, I like you .you are an ideal woman. You are pretty, funny, intelligent. You tick all the boxes of an ideal woman . But.....

But what? You just confessed to me that you liked me so what's holding you back from being mine. Jude please I love you do not do this to me.

Faith I like you but only as a friend . I dont feel any romantic feelings towards you. My feelings for you are just platonic.

Why? Why do you not love me?. Am I not beautiful enough?. What do you want from a woman that I do not have ? Please tell me and I would do anything to make sure it is perfect for you. I love you so much jude. Am I irritating or perhaps do I have mouth odour?. Please jude just tell me.

*plants a deep kiss on his lips*

Stop it faith. I have already told you I like you as a friend and not as a lover . And I would never love you the way you want me to so just stop this madness!.

*sobbing* but I love you jude please just give me a chance please jude.

Faith. You called me this morning telling me you wanted to hangout but it seems u have overstayed your welcome now leave my room .

Are u asking me to go out?

Yes I am. Now get out before I lose my patience with you!

Okay Jude but just know that I love you and I will forever love you

I know, thank you now get out!


How much is that cucumber

That one is hundred naira

What about the other one.

Its 150

And that biggest one there?

Its 500 naira ma

Okay. Give me that one.

*After an hour later *

Are you going

Where to madam

Police station at Adams street

Okay its 200 naira, you k....

I know just take me there I will pay.


*starts crying*

Hey young lady why are you crying?.

*continues crying*

what happened to you

I was raped

Officer James?

Yes sir .

Take note of every detail this lady will say from now on.

Okay sir

So madam . Tell us what happened

Okay sir. I ...*sobs*

We dont have all day Miss

*continues sobbing* I dont know where to start from .

Okay I understand. Can you tell us how it started, when and how?

It was my course mate.

Okay. How did it happen

He called me this morning that I should come over to his lodge so I would explain some topics which he does not understand. That he was having difficulties with maths 101. And I agreed . *sobs*

Go on Miss. I'm all ears

*wipes tears off her face*

When I went to his lodge, he came down and showed me his room . I brought out my book, sat down on his bed and I started explaining it for him . Soon I noticed he was no longer focused on the book and immediately I rose my head from the book to look at him he kissed me and I slapped him .

Did he slap you back?

No . Not yet. Then I stood up to take my leave but he pleaded with me that I should stay that he was sorry and that it would never happen again.

As I continued teaching him , he connected his phone to the speaker in his room which started blasting out music afterwards. I asked him why he did that and he said it helps him concentrate well. I continued explaining to him the topics on my note .

Soon he stood up and fiercely grabbed me and I slapped him for the second time but this time he slapped me back . I was so shocked . I shouted for help but my voice was not loud enough for the other occupants of the building to hear me due to the loud music. I started praying to God for something to happen. And then he pinned me down to the bed and he ..... .


officer I am sorry I can not continue. Thinking about it hurts me.

Ok dear . We understand. What is his name. I mean the person who did this disgusting act.

His name is jude

Do you have any evidence ?

Evidence? You are asking me for evidence?

Okay do not worry. Officer Grace?

Shun sir?

Prepare the car . We need to go to a clinic to run some tests on her .

Shun sir

Miss let's go

Alright *still continues sobbing*


Doctor we need you to run some tests on this lady if there has been any rape

Okay sir no problem. Miss can you follow me?

*after some minutes *

Indeed there was a penetration in the young lady and during my tests I noticed some dried sticky substances which I guessed to be semen .


I mean I am certain it is semen.

Can you stand before the court tomorrow as a witness to this.

Yes. Of course sir

Okay thank you doctor

You are welcome officer.

Miss do u know his address?

Yes sir . He lives at no 6 amueze street, skyworld lodge room 34.

Okay do not worry . He would pay for his crimes

*Hears a knock at the door*

Who is that?*opens the door*

Are you the occupant of this room?


Are you jude okoro?

Depends on who is asking?

Young man do we look like we came here play?

Sorry officers. Just felt like using a sarcastic tone.

No need to be sorry. You are understand arrest for rape allegations made against you by Miss faith Ani.

What? Rape? Me ?Faith? How d......

Shut up young man . You dont have to defend yourself here u can do that in court.

But I did not do anything . You do not have the right to arrest me.

Young man be quiet because anything you say will be used against you in the court of law. So be wise.

*Next day in court*


let the victim come forward and tell everyone here what happened

*faith drops her statement*

Let the witness stand inside the witness box.

Are you a Muslim or a christian

A Christian sir

Repeat after me

I swear before this bible and everyone present here that whatever I will say here will be nothing but the truth.

Can you tell us what your test on Miss faith shows .

Yes my lord I will. According to the test carried out on Miss Faith, I concluded that there was indeed a penetration on her and we noticed a dried white sticky substance which we concluded to be semen.

*few minutes later, the judge passed out his verdict*

Based on what I have heard it seems Mr Jude is guilty of rape and I sentence him to death by firing squad.

But I'm innocent

*continues weeping*


I'm innocent . Someone should hear me out


I'm innocent . Please .


Please. This is a setup . Please


NOTE: This is a work of fiction used to show that not everyone who is accused of rape is actually guilty of it.

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Faith Jude


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