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"I Wanted To Kill Myself Before The Police", Story Of A Boy Whose GF Died In His House (Fiction).

The Police officers had arrested the boy attempting to kill himself in Adavi, area of Kogi state after his girlfriend who came to visit him died in his house few hours the girl arrived his house.

It was an unfortunate event as the 21year old Salim's girlfriend called him in the early morning to inform him of her coming later in the day, Salim's girlfriend had neither been sick or have a troubling health challenge. 

Hanisa arrive Salim house around 3pm. He was about preparing some noodles for himself when Hanisa arrived, she asked if she could prepare for both of them and he considered it romantic and nodded his head as in response of yes to her request.

Salim left her girlfriend in the room while she was cooking the noodles and went out to buy some eggs to top their noodles, Hanisa cooked the noodles and they both eat in same plate. "She was physically fine, after the eating we started talking, mocking each other and telling ourselves how we have missed each other" Salim stated.

Not so long the time they spent together in the room, Hanisa started complaining of stomach aches. In Salim's mind, he thought it was the usual menstrual cramps girls do have, so he asked if there is any drugs he could buy for her. She keep on expressing a very serious pain, before Salim knew it she was already going down on the floor.

Luckily, Salim's friend arrive at the scene after Salim have called him for help, he disclosed that the girl told them to take her to one particular Nurse in Okene General Hospital, it was during their preparation to go to the hospital that the girl give up to death.

Unfortunately, Salim returned home in no time and with some poisonous liquid substance to take away his life considering the fact that nobody would believe him that he has no hand in the death of his girlfriend. It was during this time that the police invaded his house and picked him to the police station for questioning and possible detention until details of the situation gotten.

When Salim was asked what he was doing with poisonous substance, "I want to kill myself before the police arrive and kill me, because I know no one will believe me that I didn't kill Hanisa". He said. The police however arrested both Salims and his friend who was at the scene where the girl died.

What's the lesson you learn from this story?

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