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Nigerian youth, See how to be successful in the right way without cutting corners.


The word success has been a mind bugging issue from time in memorial even up till now simply because of the fact it is based on once perception. Everybody seems to have their own personal definition of success in the way its best suit them and they tend to give their meaning to it.

What is Success then?

Success is the achievement of a set goals or aim longed for. Success is also the highest peak of an accomplishment of a plan, goal and strategy. But for every success, there is always a process: simply put;


But this time, we are dealing with success, and our driving tool to success is always the "process" i.e how did you achieve this success? What did you do to achieve this success?. All this are the main determinant process leading to success. Having that at the back of our mind, we can boldly say success takes intense time and tough effort to achieve if we follow the rudiment. It doesn't just come overnight without preparation neither does it come genuinely by cutting corners otherwise its fake and deceit which has it consequences later even if its has been initially glorified as success.

This vital point now brings us back to our society that we leave in today, the present day Nigeria generation, who always see success in life as wealth, riches,fame,show- off and money, and even more money lol.Although that's another perspective of being successful and its also a goal, but our bone of contention here is the process of achievement,because every great achievement in the world today from inception till now took more time and intense effort to achieve, not quickly, am not talking about the small day by day achievement( although this add up to great success) but the great success of our time, like the one as seen in the bible where it took Jesus christ as great as he is 30 years to achieve his goal of wiping off our sins and be successful in it,the process was stiff for him, with time he achieved and that is great success there. My point is, if Jesus christ our lord can go through strenuous and long period of time in achieving success,Who are you then?. So great and genuine success can never happen overnight, or immediately without time and effort and this is pertaining to every areas of our life goals we want to achieve.

You want to make money! You want to make wealth! and you are running from the process of achieving it in the long term, only for you to start devising means to cut corners to attract success immediately to the present thereby skipping the genuine process nature has placed to achieving it.

So many Nigerian youths have fallen prey to this deliberately just to satisfy their taste for the present using various schemes like fraud,yahoo yahoo, nepotism, bribery and corruption, occultic and rituals to attract short term process for wealth and riches success which invariably have is own consequence whether we like it or not instead of delaying gratification and making sacrifices for a genuinely successful future.Atleast, examples are unfolding as with the case of the latest "Hush Puppy" tarnishing our image everywhere. All this menace has solely contributed to the situation we are as a country, as genuine success and wealth are not recognize and appreciated in the society rather the "cut corners process" of attracting success and wealth are the once being glorified by the system, without even giving cognisance about the process; like no one cares about how you made the wealth, its what they are seeing in the present reality that's the truth and as they say a rich man will always have many friends and admirers regardless of the process of achievement.

Conclusively, its high time Nigerians start asking questions about what is genuinely and obviously not normal about wealth and riches success and if found guilty, should be lawfully apprehended and sentenced be it a politician or any persons.Let the law always serve its course in other to rid this country off corruption to some extent if not completely, atleast there will be a paradigm shift in the long run against corruption amongst its people.

This will surely reposition our youth to see success, most especially wealth success as a long term achievement process.

But remember, success is perceptive and subjective, find your own definition of success and pursue it the right way be it wealth, happiness,family,charity, whichever way you see it as a goal.

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