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Wierd Man Openly Confesses to Committing Series of Crimes to Journalist on Camera by the Roadside

How many people will be confident enough to walk on a busy street and confidently say they committed a capital offence?

This man did not only say he committed series of capital offences, he revealed this to an international journalist without watching his words

One would have thought he was drunk. Taking a good look at the video below, you'll figure this young man was very conscious of what he was saying. This just reveals how confident people have become with their wicked acts.

The journalist, after interviewing and recording the assertions of the young man who claimed he committed series of capital offences, left into his car amazed at what he just witnessed. From the expression of the journalist, I'm so certainthe he has never encountered something of this nature before.

Beside the man who confessed to series of crimes he committed, a man stands still saying nothing. One could link his silence to him consenting to everything his friend confessed to.

See full video of the confession here

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