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Crime: Castration Proposed As Punishment For Rapists By Kano Assembly

The Kano State House of Assembly on Wednesday initiated the procedure to additionally change the state's Penal Code alteration (No.12), the law of 2014, in order to make maiming a punishment for assault guilty parties in the express, a report by PUNCH said. 

The Assembly made the proposition following a movement introduced on Wednesday by a part, Nuraddeen Al-hassan, looking for the survey of the law. 

During whole directed by the Speaker, Abdulazeez Gafasa, greater part of the Assembly individuals were consistent in the choice. 

Kano Assembly While requiring the audit of the law to additionally mirror a harsher discipline for attackers in the state, Al-hassan underlined that the current 14-year prison term discipline for guilty parties was insufficient. 

"I accept this is the main measure to be taken to end the uncontrolled instances of assault in our general public as it is so troubling. 

"I likewise need to speak to the House to investigate the security challenges in order to fortify their endeavors in handling the assault cases in the state," he said.


1.As much as I condemn rape, from my medical knowledge, castration won't stop male rapists from having an erection nor stop their sexual urge, it may only stop the production of sperm cells. I want to also know what will be done on female rapists? I hope they are considering the removal of ovaries (oophorectomy/ovariectomy), or bilateral tubal ligation...Then for corruption, especially stuffing of dollars in babriga, I think the culprits' hands should be amputated so that he or she will not be able to count and stuff future stollen dollars.

2.They are obviously a bunch of dimwits making decisions. I know more female rapists than male, I lived in kaduna for 21 years

3.Guy research more. If only you had seen a castrated goat, odg or cat. They are more women than women. Which erection are you talking about.

4.Which one be castration, Cut the tool completely

5.Unacceptable ! We are not savages , we are a civil society.

6.And capital punishment or life detainment ought to likewise be advanced as discipline for degenerate government officials and open office holders that plunder our treasury. 

Tragically, no "regular man" in Nigeria is a virgin; this nation has fvcked them all.

7.A castrated man can have erection albeit not as strong and durable as before. He can even have sex. You actually need to research more yourself

8.Lmao! This news dey sweet me well well. I have a couple more ideas and they are free to try any of them!Castrate them (the whole sexual organ and not just the testicles).Burn their tongue with a very hot iron.Roll their body on a floor filled with iron spikes.Make them eat gravel and drink their own urine.Pay no need to their cries. And, laugh at their sorrows, for they do not deserve to be called (wo)men.(No need to tell me, I know my method of torture might not be effective enough. It's because of my kind and tender heart.)

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