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The Most Dangerous Bridges In Lagos, See The Blood Sucking Bridge That Claims Lives Yearly (Photos)

Lagos state is understood for its many flyovers and bridges. a number of these bridges became hubs for crime. Miscreants often target heavy traffic routes to unleash terror on poor and unsuspecting commuters.

This has left a lingering experience in folks who never leave their homes within the early hours of the morning and late within the evening also .

Aside the very fact that the victims are going to be disposed of their valuables, some are injured or maybe killed by these hoodlums whose operations are fast and deadly.

Only people who are victims can tell a far better story of their experience within the hands of those miscreants. Security agents within the state are battling to guard residents from these miscreants. Patrolling security personnel on a number of these bridges have reduced robbery within the past few months. However, these miscreants still search for any opportunity to attack.

Here may be a list of dangerous bridges in Lagos

1 Kara long bridge

 those that ply the long bridge of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway always pray for his or her vehicle to not break down because this particular bridge is dangerous. Those whose vehicles break down on this bridge are exposed to robbers who have hideouts under the bridge. One just prays the robbers that operate the bridge aren't around when your vehicle breaks down. Sometimes these robbers cash in of traffic to rob people in their cars.

 2. Third Mainland bridge 

Third mainland bridge There are countless cases of individuals getting robbed on this bridge which connects the mainland to the island. Anyone unfortunate enough to possess his car break down on this bridge risks being attacked by bandits who are usually armed. These robbers also rob in traffic which is why motorists always finish up their windows when caught in gridlocks on this bridge. Sometimes they even break the windows. When someone is being attacked on this bridge during the day or night, it's very rare for anyone to return to your rescue. Everyone will just keep a facial expression and drive past. 

 3. Mile 2 – Oshodi bridge

 this is often another notorious spot for criminal activities. The hoodlums at Oshodi under-bridge are notorious for bag snatching. Under the Oshodi bridge is where anything can happen. 

4. Obalende Bridge

The large space under the Obalende bridge is home to different sorts of people, the good, the bad and therefore the ugly. a number of the hoodlums who live under the bridge are known to hold along the bridge in the dark , expecting prey. During the day, it's safe, but in the dark , they are available call at their hundreds, harassing road users.

 5. Iyana-Oworo/Ogudu Bridge 

Many have fallen victim to robbery attack on this bridge. you only need to take care together with your possessions because those miscreants can snatch bag, phone or whatever from a moving car. 

6. Cele Bridge

 Constructed during the tenure of the immediate past governor of the state, Babatunde Fashola, it's one among the most recent of such bridges in Lagos state. a neighborhood of the bridge has been became a den of Indian hemp smokers. If this is often not nipped within the bud, it'd be the start of larger crimes within the area.

7. Anthony and Gbagada under-bridge this is often one among the damaging bridges in Lagos especially in the dark . There are cases of residents getting mugged at various spots on the brink of the 2 bridges in these two places, which are just a couple of meters apart. 

8. Otedola Bridge:

This is a touch out of context -No robbery, pickpocketing misdemeanor happening here but many believe this bridge possesses some forces claiming lives per annum . Otedola bridge in Lagos has been the foremost popular accident spot within the state. 

With these frequent accidents, don’t you think that the witches are at work again around Otedola? Not the witches you recognize . The witches at Otedola bridge are solely engineering problems. First, many of the accidents were as a results of breakdown , which causes the truck drivers to lose control of those heavy-duty vehicles and cause fatal accidents. that's an enormous engineering and regulation challenge, on the a part of the drivers, who should check and repair their brakes time and again before getting into the road.

Also, the Otedola bridge itself features a very steep gradient, which increases the likelihood of “brake failure” along the road. it's going to take tons , but if the bridge was reconstructed to scale back how sloppy it's , then some accidents might be averted.

Content created and supplied by: Fashion-Baby (via Opera News )

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