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An enterpreneur allegedly changed classroom to a poultry in Borno

A Twitter user posted some pictures with written descriptions of how a classroom was allegedly converted to a chicken poultry in Borno state.

The social media user did not however give the identity of the alleged school.

In the pictures he posted, there was a case of a school classroom having its chairs and desks hauled over one another and parked to one side of the classroom to create space for a poultry harbouring live chickens.

The said pictures showed live chickens enjoying their lives, waiting for foods and drinks from their lord.

Maybe, the innovation was informed by the decision of the federal government to keep schools empty to curtail spread of a deadly pandemic in the country.

So, students are at home; thence the innovator felt it was an opportunity to quickly raise some chickens for finance pending when schools would reopen.

Below are the pictures for readers taste.

The pictures were taken and posted to the public by one Abba Bukar Abba Masta.

This of course is one of the mess a pandemic has inflicted on people.

The federal government recently listed agonies of the social distancing and lockdown to include:

1. Reduced revenues

2. Poor purchasing power

3. Poor economy

4. Job losses

5. Salary cuts

Maybe, the entrepreneur was one of those hit by the mess and looked for a way-out through conversion of a classroom to his poultry to make a living.

Buildings should be put to use; no blames, he played good entrepreneurial cards!

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Abba Bukar Abba Masta Borno


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