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If You Think Nigerian Cult Members Are Scary, Then You Need to See Photos of American Cult Members

Before we proceed to the subject matter of this article, kindly note that this article does not support the affairs of Cultism, but rather, the article is only passing information to readers. In Nigeria it is difficult to know who is a cultist and who is not a cultist.

To identify a cultist in Nigeria is quite different, a closer look at the Nigeria cultist system, you would observe that to identify them, is by the colors of cloths they wear, and the type of handshake they give to their members. You would agree with me that the Nigeria cult member are young, handsome and neat boys .

But this is not same with the cult groups in America. Below are list of some American cult groups in America.




Almighty Black P. Stone Nation

Almighty Vice Lord Nation

Four Corner Hustlers

Black Disciples

Black Guerrilla Family

Black Mafia

Black Mafia Family

Black Spades


Black P. Stones

Bounty Hunter Bloods

Nine Trey Gangsters


Sx Money Murda

United Blood Nation

Chambers Brothers

Columbia Point Dawgs

The Council


East Nashville Crips

Grape Street Watts Crips

Rollin' 30s Harlem Crips

Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips

Venice Shoreline Crips

D.C. Blacks


Errol Flynns

The Family

Folk Nation

Gangster Disciples

OutLaw Gangster Disciples

Hidden Valley Kings

KUMI 415

Lucerne Street Doggz

Miami Boys

Mickey Cobras

Orchard Park Trailblazers

People Nation

Savage Nomads

Savage Skulls

Somali Outlaw

Supreme Team..

The major aim of this article is to show to readers scary photos of these American cult members. Theirs is a huge difference between the American cult system and that of Nigeria cult system, but they have similarities in their involvement in rape, arm robbery,killing and causing havoc's in the society which they belong.

In the American cult system tattoos are major sign of a cult members, the inscriptions of words in tattoo form says it all. A close look at the photos below, you would agree with me that this individuals have dinned with the devil.

See photos below.

Honestly if I see this individuals from afar I would flee like a bird even if they don't chase me. Cultism is evil please flee from it, Aprokomedia is using this platform to advise the youth to say no to Cultism.

Tell me, would you run if you see this type of individuals, place your answer in the comment section. Thank you for reading please kindly share and remember to click on the follow up button for more informations.

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