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All states in Nigeria should adopt castration as punishment for rapist with immediate effect, my view

Rape has became rampant in Nigeria and the countries of the world at large. As a result of this, the number of rape cases has increased by leap and bound in Nigeria and the countries of the world. Infact, rape has became a game of competition among rapists in our society.

Rape, the act often performed by man which involve having carnal knowledge of a woman against her will, is known to be an immoral act in our society. It is shocking that such disgusting act has now became the order of the day in our society these days.

Almost all time I listened to radio, I hardly go a day without being informed of a new rape case or a number of rape cases in my country. This is quite shocking to me. Why has immoral and illegal act been treated with levity in our country? Actually, something is missing.

Consequently, rape often led to life trauma and feeling of shame is infused in the victim(s). This traumatic experience of the victim may led to her commiting suicide due to depression that has overcame her.

However, many young girls in our society had been exposed to what is harmful to them (rape) at their tender age. Many victims of rape had met their untimely death either from the rapist or by themselves i.e suicide. Some examples in Nigeria include the case of vera Uwaila Omozuwa and that of Barakat Bello from Oyo state.

The hearten one among the victims of rape who has decided not to commit suicide are being haunted with chronic disease which is being introduced to them by the rapist.

Eventually, this disease will terminated their lives. Isn't this contemptuous? Should young girls, ladies and women be sex toys? If they shouldn't be sex toys by men, then I think something should be done to tame the scourge of rape and to eradicate rape cases in Nigeria. Enough of the evil acts of rapists in my country!

Why is rape cases increasing in Nigeria?

Perhaps the punishment attached to the crime of rape might be the reason behind its unretarded growth in Nigeria. What I'm trying to put across is that the punitive measure for rape crime is not so severe that other intended rapists could not be deterred by the severity of the punishment given to their ancestors (past rapists).

In my view, I think rapists should not be sentenced to prison but they should be castrated and put in the dark (blinded) because they are being sentenced to prison and the cases of rape keep increasing by leap and bound, it apparently shows that the punishment attached to rape crime is not more severe to serve as deterrent to other rapists or intended rapists in Nigeria.

However, if I'm opportuned to pass a bill, I will pass a bill on the punishment of rape crime in Nigeria and I will proposed that the punishment be castration and blinding of the rapists to avoid other malicious act they may intended to carry out.

I hereby proposed that all the states in Nigeria should adopt castration and blinding of rapists to avoid further crime of rape or any other malicious act. I'm very sure that this measure will surely tame the scourge of rapists and will drastically reduce the number of rape cases in Nigeria.

What's your opinion? Kindly drop it in the comment section below. Let's fight rapists together.

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