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Caught Pants Down. Reactions As Lady Was Caught Using An ATM With Her Pants Falling Off.

A woman who was using an Automated Teller Machine was literally caught pants down as her pants slid off to her ankles without her knowledge.

The video which was shared on social media has gotten a lot of reactions from social media users.

In the video, a white lady who was using an Automated Teller Machine was so engrossed in the act that she did not notice that her pants had fallen down to her ankles in the full glare of everyone who had come to use the ATMs.

It took someone in the crowd of persons who had come to use the ATM as well to call her attention to the embarrassing scene. After which the lady who looked unperturbed just bent over and picked up her underwear and put them in place.

A lot of persons have commented on the incident and tried to come up with possible explanations to why the lady's underwear slid down her ankles without her knowledge.

While some persons said that the incident could have happened due to the fact that the lady in question was wearing an underwear that was not her size, others were of the opinion that the incident happened because the lady was indecently dressed.

Indeed, most persons attacked the lady's choice of dressing, saying that being indecently dressed will continue to cause embarrassment on indecent dressers.

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