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How To Deal With Sexual Tensions: Fact vs Fiction

In the book, 'Think and Grow Rich', the author elucidated on a concept called sexual transmutation. It is simply channelling your sexual energy into creative endeavours. In other words, when the temptation comes knocking, you can switch and tap into your creative side by engaging in self-developing hobbies or pastimes. You could decide to start writing - yes, you need to write that bestseller you've always wanted to! You can choose to do some exercise, read a good book, sing, play a musical instrument or pursue that online certification you desire to have, just to distract yourself. Fact is, creative people usually have high sexual tensions and if they are not creatively engaged, they tend to seek expression through sex.

Believe it or not, studies have shown that sexual dissipation dips creativity. "I have an active sex life and I'm still bubbling with creativity", someone may say. But the truth is, they don't yet understand how the human body works. When you don't stoke up a fireplace for example, the fire may still burn but not as much as it should, right? The presence of that fire does not mean it is as intense as it should be. Truth is, it will just be a matter of time for that fire to burn out. Similarly, if you unplug a pressing iron from the socket, it would still be hot for a while. You can even quickly press one or two clothes before it cools off. Human beings do not begin to experience that dip in creativity or in their potential which in this case is triggered by sexual dissipation, so quickly. Hence, people miss out on the blind side of how much they could achieve if they contain your sexuality. Would you rather settle for millions when you can have billions? Oh how much human potential has been wasted because of sexual recklessness!

Many people who are helplessly falling and rising from addiction to masturbation are sometimes highly talented and gifted people. Some of them know it, like the sad story of a young man who groaned and said "I know I have a bright future but I cannot just control my sexual urges. I have travelled to many cities hunting for women because of sex." He obviously has seen signs of his own potential to be great or to attain success but he can't seem to help himself. His unrestrained desire for sex has caused so much damage to him. There are others who don't know what they carry - the rough diamonds. The can't see the overflowing potential they possess - just because they were born into this world. So, they casts their pearls into the dunghill of sexual pollution without even knowing it. How sad!

Historically, masturbation wasn't this prevalent. Though in times past, some pagan worshippers engaged in masturbation and sexual orgies in their temple as a way of worshipping their gods. But the advent of magazines, adult movies and internet pornography have provided power stations for masturbation. For men, it is necessary to use the power of imagination at this moment to analyse what masturbation really does to the body. The male sperm can be likened to the fuel that powers a motor bike. Without fuel the bike cannot move. Unfortunately, the only way it can move is if you drag it along with you. Sadly, it can only move a bit faster if you run fast with it and jump on for a short time to have a little speed. That is why people who are careless with their sexuality are most times confused and struggle a lot.

Those who seem to become rich usually do so through crooked means. They have to dabble into financial crimes and sometimes diabolism to get by. Do your research and you will equally arrive at this conclusion. The ladies in this spectrum are those who sell their bodies for money or do so as a ritual. This brings to mind the case of a young lady back on campus who had uncontrollable appetite for sex. She seduced a particular young man who became obsessed with her. He would be seen by neighbours every evening, polishing his shoes and doing so much to look presentable and dashing out to meet up with a supposed appointment. But it turned out that it was with this lady. He would pass the evening having marathon sex and come back drained. The lady in question even contracted some other young man and enchanted him to do same. A concerned neighbour who happened to be a Christian was observing all of this and made inquiries from him. As God would have it, he opened up. He decided to go with him after due preparation in the place of prayer and confronted the lady with the Word of God and the Name of Jesus. She happened to be demon-possessed and the encounter was a remarkable one. She confessed that she was a satanic agent commissioned to use up the potential of her victims through sex - true story! This is just one out many other cases.

Whether it is pornography, masturbation, fornication or homosexuality or whatever, Jesus is more than able to save anyone from them all. All that is needed is believe. A lifestyle of prayer and fasting will also ao a long way in subduing your sexuality because even marriage is not enough. Truth is, everyone was born for a purpose. Nobody was born for experiments. You can't afford to die unfulfilled. As the saying goes, when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. You can rule over your sexuality if you REALLY want to and decide not to make excuses. 

Jesus is the answer to all of life's questions and problems - come to Him today. Jesus is truly the Way! 

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