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See unbelievable reasons why people fake their own death

The act of faking one's death (pseudocide) can be dated as far back as the 17th century when JACQUOTTE DELAHAYE (1656) who happened to be a pirate queen was captured and forced to fake her own death in other to escape. She went on posing as a man for several years before reuniting with her pirate crew.

 There are no known laws against Pseudocide which simply means it's not illegal. But the question that comes to mind is why people would even conceive such thoughts let alone execute this escapade. There are no fixed category of people who deem this facade fit as time has proven over and over that they hail from all walks of life ranging from business owners to notable authors e.t.c.

 Here on this article we'll be examining reasons why people consider Pseudocide.


In the early 19th century a wealthy self acclaimed lord in the US by the name Timothy Dexter went as far as faking his death with his children when the countrymen started showing their disapproval towards his arrogance,his reason was to see how the public really felt about him.

He entrusted a few men to organize a grand funeral and let his family in on the ruse. While his children put on an appropriate display of grief. He eventually didn't get as much love from the countrymen as he had hoped,I imagine how disappointed he would have felt back then.

 In the same vein a Nigerian artiste by the name skiibii faked his own death in the year 2016 in a bid to blow, but it didn't go as planned as news almost immediately circulated that he is in good condition.


A certain Australian by the name William Goodwin Geddes faked his own death on the 29th day of november 1877 for financial reasons. William who happened to be a surveyor had great swimming abilities but to everyone's surprise his brother claimed he died of drowning. The public had requested for proof since his corpse couldn't be found at the time but his brother insisted that he heard William scream for help while drowning but he(the brother) couldn't help rescue him. Despite the fact that William's body was not found, the insurance companies had to pay his two life insurances only after four month which was later discovered that he had gone to claim himself but with a different identity. It was until 1889 that he got made, he successfully faked his death for 12 years.


Samuel Israel (III) ran a $450million ponzi scheme, for 20 years he evaded arrest. Israel’s failure to show up for his 20-year incarceration prompted a manhunt during which police found his SUV on an upstate New York bridge with “suicide is painless” scribbled in the dust on the hood. Having no witnesses and finding no body in the river, authorities became skeptical. They learned that he told his girlfriend that morning that he was going (driving himself) to jail, which police thought was odd. “ After a month of staying off police radar, and after seeing his picture on America’s Most Wanted, he turned himself in. As of 2016, Israel has 14 more years to go on his 22-year prison sentence — a judge added two years for bail jumping to his original punishment.

Here are some other reasons that may prompt people to fake their own death.


Many may fake their own death to evade repayment of loans especially after declaring bankruptcy or as a means to defraud the other party.


Just like in the case of Arkady babchenko, people fake their own death to avert looming danger,the clever journalist staged his own assassination that was aimed at foiling an attempt to murder him by a hired agent sent to kill him. He appeared in court a day after he was declared dead.


Bad decisions are a reason to want to fake death,having made too many bad decisions for one identity, one may be forced to think that only a new identity can offer the opportunity of a fresh start.



* John Stonehouse: British politician

* David Friedland: Former senator

* Charles Mulet:Policeman

* Francesco Paesa:Spanish Secret Service

* John Darwin:Teacher/Prison officer

* Marcus Shrenker:Financial manager

* Arkady Babchenko:Russian journalist

The list is endless. I Hope with these we've been able to learn a few things. Kindly comment in the comments sections the names I might have left out. Please like and share.

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