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What a world; Massive baby graves found at catholic care home.

 The world never seems to be void of surprises. In a shocking descovery a mass grave of babies and children were discovered at a former catholic care home in Ireland, where about 800 deaths were recorded. The catholic care home for unmarried mothers was said to be excavated when the graves were descovered.

However the number of deaths are said to be higher and investigators over five years, were given false information. In the suspected cover up the graves were said to be hidden by a seawage tank placed over.

This is another shocking revelation in the series of scandals against religious priests and houses committing crimes and abuse on children. The foot prints of the graves were shown on cable tv as the earth was scanned from over. 

Guardians of the victims are against the continuation of the excavation process as it amounts to destruction of evidence. This story continues to make headline in several news channels and the world is perplexed with such huge cover up of a crime of that magnitude.

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