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This is what the Nigerian Police did to an innocent civilian and how he was saved.

This is what the Nigerian Police did to an innocent civilian and how Segalink saved the day.

Segalink is a popular freedom fighter on Twitter, he is known for fighting injustice as well as the ills in the society, and now he has shown him self to always be there for the Nigerian youth.


This is how Segalink saved the day.

A popular twitter user name Valking, who is also a Social Media influencer came on the micro blogging app today to state his woes.

According to the Twitter user, he was accosted by thieves on Uniform(Policemen) who accused him, beat him up and extorted 250,000naira from him. He stated all this and called the attention of Segalink who assisted him, by calling the Inspector General of Police, Valking was able to identify the men who perpetrated this act and his money was returned.

This are the details. Please read carefully.

Thanks to Segalink, he was able to recover all they extorted from him.

As we can see this is just an example of what happens, everyday in our society, the policemen will take forced bribe from Bus drivers, they shoot at innocent civilians under the disguise of accidental discharge.

In this country, the Police is not your friend, the police is your enemy.

This just goes to show that no on is really safe from anything, as anything can happen at anytime.

If you put on dreads, sag or put on crazy Jeans and they see you, they have seen customer, you will have to bail yourself before you can see your family.

What can we do? How do we save ourselves from the thieves in Uniforms.

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