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In India, Police men are Paid for Keeping Moustache

In the western world and Nigeria respectively, police men and other uniformed men (most especially military, navy and air force officers) are discouraged from leaving facial hairs, unless when there is a special assignment needing it or for an otherwise reason(s).

The reason even though not being so certain is because shaving off could make them look smarter and more agile for the work. But that would be a different thing with the police in Madhya Pradesh state of India where they are encouraged to keep moustaches and get extra tips for doing so.

Seeming funny to people who are not accustomed to such, the reasons behind it is that bosses believe it makes them look more manly and command respect. A separate allowance of 30 rupees (66 US cents) is given to the police in the northern Madhya Pradesh.

According to Jhabua district police Chief Mayank Jain who explained during an interview with BBC News Online, he said:

“Moustaches are improving the personalities of our constables. They are acquiring an aura of their own. They are creating a positive impression on the local people and getting a lot of respect.”

The police chief came up with this idea of police leaving their moustache after a seminar attended by the district policemen where he observed that few of the policemen who had a moustache were looked upon pleasantly and with respect.

He further stated that the decision to pay them just a little more was a sort of motivation.

Mr. Jain monitors the shape of this moustache to ensure it doesn’t look so intimidating and producing counter result.

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