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Did the St. Louis couple who protected their property by holding firearms get their house raided?

The McCloskeys have apparently had several firearms removed from their house by St. Louis law enforcement after pointing firearms at a crowd of protesters walking by their home: 

Having watched the videos, it’s a bit unclear to me what property you think they were defending (they don’t own the sidewalk or the street), so I can’t speak to that part of the question. I don’t think this would be a winner for a justification for use of deadly force, but I’m not a Missouri legal expert.

I don’t know if I would call it a raid. There was a search warrant issued for the McCluskey’s rifle, which was turned over without any fuss or protest. This was done while the prosecuting attorney (who herself has been getting a lot of grief for her own own questionable performance while in office) investigates whether or not they had justifiable cause to be wielding guns while demonstrators/mobs were on their property. Someone elsewhere said that the McCluskeys were clearly breaking the law. Here in Missouri this is not so cut and dried where we have the Castle Doctrine. You can be allowed to confront trespassers IF you can demonstrate that you fear for your safety. This sidewalk up above, its not public, its part of the McCluskey’s landscaping. In order to get to it, the ‘demonstrators’ first had to bust down the locked gate and then trespass on private party. Be honest, how would you like to have an uninvited mob of people on your front yard?

THIS is what makes it a grey area in the eyes of the law. They were trespassing and damaged property, but where they dangerous and threatening?

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