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Fiction: She Invited Me To Her Father's House But Got Me Arrested

I do vividly recall the nasty experience I had few years back; after paying my girlfriend a visit in her father's house. My family had to relocate to a new neighborhood after the environment we used to live in got flooded and a lot of buildings were destroyed, our included. The catastrophe meant changing schools and adapting to a new environment.

It was on my first day in school(at the new neighborhood) that I met her. Then, we were both in SS2 but I was the newbie of the class. Just imagine how hectic I'd be resuming at a new school during the 3rd term session. The thoughts of keeping up with a lot of assessments tortured me but I had to buckle up if I'd be promoted to be next class.

I really didn't notice her until closing time because I was completely engrossed in the notes I'd borrowed and was copying from a sit mate. During closing hours, she walked up to me and to my amazement gave me a pen. She said I'd mistakenly dropped it close to her desk while I was on my way out for lunch. Then she smiled, winked at me and left grinning from ear to ear.

For a moment, I was short of words. I didn't even go for break because of the notes I had to copy let alone passing by her desk. It was then I figured that she'd actually given me the pen as a clue that she's interested in me. She was a thick fair skinned girl with dimples and long eye lashes. She loved smiling and had such impressive beauty that kept boys tripping for her; those outside her age bracket inclusive. I smiled to myself and thought I'd found a resting bosom but I was wrong.

About three weeks after my resumption, we'd become much closer and attracted to each other that our classmates began referring to us as lovebirds. We were out together for lunch one day when I told her about my feelings and she smiled and asked what kept me too long to profess my love for her. I was glad that she actually agreed to date me.

After our lunch, she told me I could visit her that day, towards evening. She said her parents travelled to their village and wouldn't be back until after three days. So as the only child of her parents and being home alone, she was free to welcome me. There was a vigil in church that day and I'd told my parents that I'd be visiting a friend to complete my assignment with him so they needn't wait for me. I'd already purposed to go to church only after I'd spent few hours with her.

Around 5pm in the evening, I took my bathe, got dressed and headed to her house. She warmly received me and told me how she'd been anticipating my arrival since our last conversation in school that day. I replied her that I was eager to arrive there too. She'd prepared a meal of egusi and pounded yam before I arrived, so she served me and said she'd go get me a chilled drink down the street.

Hardly had she gone, when I settled down to devour the sumptuous meal before me. No sooner had I finished the meal than I heard a knock on the door. At first, I was puzzled as to why she'd knock when it's her house and she knew I was the only person inside. Two rounds of door banging followed and I started wondering what was happening.

As I opened the door, I was shocked with who I saw. I couldn't believe my eyes. Before I could say anything, a series of slaps descended on my face instantly and I fell flat on the floor. A huge man probably in his early 40s gave me the beating of my life and asked me what I was doing inside his house wearing only boxer shorts. It was at that moment it dawned on me that he was her father. I was surprised because she told me her parents went visiting their village and wouldn't be back until Monday.

Her father stripped me half naked and handed me over to the police. He alleged that I'd broken into his home while every of its inhabitant was away and that he'd also lost the #50,000 he kept in a polythene nylon in his room.

I was totally dumbfounded and wished the ground should just open and swallow me. I endlessly tried explaining what really transpired but no one would listen, not talking of believing me and the only person that could vindicate me was no where to be found. Perhaps on her way back, she'd seen her father at home and had ran for dear life. I spent three days behind bars before my parents could bail me out.

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If You Were In My Shoes, What Would You Do To The Girl Or Her Family?

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