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If you enjoy psychological thrillers with a side of crime procedural, this is for you!

Jar Of Hearts/// Review 

Author: Jennifer Hillier 🌻’s : 5/5 

Reading time: 4 (very busy) days


That first love is always complicated but for Geo Shaw it was a lot more than complicated, because her first love, was the Sweetbay Strangler. 

Angela Wong was a cheerleader, the most popular girl in school and 16 year old Geo Shaw’s best friend. 

Kaiser Brody was in love with Geo, but more importantly he was the glue that held, him, Angela and Geo together. 

Calvin James was older, handsome and mysterious. He was everything Geo wanted, Angela couldn’t have and Kaiser wished he could be. 

14 years later Geo is a rising star in the pharmaceutical industry. Kaiser is a detective with the Seattle PD. Angela’s dismembered body was just found behind Geo’s childhood home and Calvin James is a serial killer. 

Geo was there when her boyfriend, Calvin James killed for the first time. But how involved was she? 


Helliers writing is phenomenal. This is my first novel by her and I’ve already ordered 2 more. The changing timeline was seamless and fit perfectly into the story. The characters are extremely well written. You really get to know each of their personalities and the connections between them. Hellier is so good at writing her characters that I’m dying for a full book of the life story of a side character. A SIDE CHARACTER! 

Overall this book was a perfect thriller. Every time you think you have it figured out she drops a new twist. Unlike other books that have multiple twists just for shock factor, each of these are purposeful and make sense to the story. If you enjoy psychological thrillers with a side of crime procedural, this book is for you!

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