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Video: "That's A Human Being" Says Passerbys To Two White Cops Who Pinned Down A Black Man In London

Back then, United States of America and United Kingdom were just a dream country for every young Nigerian and African, aspiring to leave their country or continent for another country or continent, but today with all the happenings, that thought of wanting to travel to America or United Kingdom is being jettison by many. People are scared simply because of the bad news coming out from those places, of how blacks are being killed at every slight provocation by white cops. The other day, I saw a video of a young boy playing football on the field, in front of their house, the moment the boy heard the siren of the police coming, he quickly ran to hide behind a van, till the police patrol left and then he came out. It's so sad that the black community are now living in fear of being killed by some whites who consider themselves more superior and relevant than the black race.

A man was seen pinned down by two white cops in London, while his hands were already handcuffed in front, and he kept struggling with them, one of the officers knelt down on his neck and the other one held down his hands but passerbys, wouldn't have any of that as they kept protesting and saying "that's a human being" repeatedly

The white officers kept telling the man to calm down but he kept refusing to, one of the passerbys came close to tell him to calm down and allow the arrest go peaceful but the one of the officers thought the man was coming to attack them, he quickly jumped up, leaving his colleague with the man on the ground, while he tried to disperse the crowd around by telling them to move backwards and immediately he started calling for a backup

Not long after he called for a backup, a couple of police officers arrived the scene and engaged the crowd but a voice kept telling the officers who just came to arrest their colleagues for violating the black man's rights, but the officers who just came were more or less concerned with calming and pacifying the passerbys

One of the passerbys sounded like a Nigerian woman, precisely an Igbo would from her intonation and English speaking. Do you think in Nigeria and Africa in general we would be able to confront our Police Officers like this?

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Watch the video here

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