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Police and lawyers don’t agree, why is that?

Police and lawyers don’t agree, why is that?

Often times I have wondered about these two professions and how they never agree to work together in achieving one goal. They are both supposed to be working together for the people. But each time they meet it’s always whose voice is louder than matters than the interest of the people. 

Whenever you have a police case to answer to, your choices of solving it alone is higher than using the help of a lawyer. If I am wrong quote me or reply right now. But if you have a case and then you invite a lawyer to come help assist it then takes another route. 

Is it that there’s always a need to prove who has more power or who knows the laws best or who is more favored by the system. It only just gets confusing as most times the person who actually needs saving then falls into deeper trouble. Because the police will make sure that the person involved suffers for the altercation they had with his/her lawyer. 

This is just very rampant in Africa and mostly Nigeria when the two public officers meet it becomes a voice/English battle. Is there a time that these two will work like they are both in the interest of the country or the people that have called them to serve. Just for clarity's sake, this needs to be addressed by the powers that be and align these two once and for all. 

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