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See The Twelve Year Old Girl Who Married Two Men In Kenya

An incident which took place in a community in Kenya has come to the attention of the Federal Government of Kenya, where a twelve year old girl was married off to two different men for older than her.

The incident happened in a community in Narok County, Kenya about a month ago. Due to the rising number of poor people in the region, a girl's father married off his twelve year old daughter to a 51 year old man. The man married off his daughter in exchange for 2 cows as dowry which go against the law on child marriage in Kenya.

At first the girl refused to go with the man but after serious beatings she received from her father and elder siblings, she went. The girl only used two weeks in the man's house then ran away from there. She escaped to another another location where she met a 35 years old man who married her as a second wife.

Some locals in the region reports the girl's predicament to a Human Rights Group in Kenya were she was rescued from there. The law in Kenya forbids child marriage and the police vowed to arrest the two men and they will be fined with 1 million Kenyan Shillings ($10,000).

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