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"Are You Smart Enough" Then Answer This Detective Riddle, Who Killed Bob?(Photos)

Are you a genius? If yes then let's see how smart you are. Kindly solve the riddle below if you're smart enough.

Question: One day a man named jack went to the police and told them his friend Bob committed suicide.

Jack said:

" We were going to an important meeting by our private Helicopter. We were just two in the cabin area talking. After a few minutes I decided to go to the toilet and when I returned, i saw the door open. I later discovered a Note on the table and we didn't touch anything before your arrival"

The police inspected the Helicopter and saw the suicide note on the table. The picture below was what it said.

So did Bob commit suicide or someone killed him? Take your time to answer the question before proceeding downwards.

Here is the answer: The answer is No, he didn't commit suicide. If Bob had opened the door the Note would have blown off the table. So Jack pushed Bob and placed the note on the table after landing. 

So were you right or wrong?

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